RD350 Racer build up

First the base.......1973 Yamaha RG350 (the bike is far away from as good as it looks)

Then the inspiration.....

Bridlads bike cause it is REALLY a Yamaha, but it has a personal twist and good lines

This one cause it`s just COOL, but it is also very American....

This one cause it is cleeeean.

The start, a good looking engine is a "must have".............

Some of the parts I all ready have bougth, in my opinion classic bikes should have vintage parts if possible even if it`s a rebuild.

Italcerchi rings

Koni rear shocks

Raask rear sets.

 Tomaselli of course...

 Just painted the brake shields "Grimeca grey"

RD350: All the parts back from treatment :D let the fun begin !

Making Inox brake stoppers...

Just started to fit the pipes the way i want, together with the center stand.

Pipes ready for paint, but i`m not shure what to do about the rear mudguard and chainguard.

Finally done and sold