onsdag 25. mai 2011

Steinar restoring his kitchen.......... :-D

At last i feel that the paint job is done......

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Better now i think.....

fredag 20. mai 2011

Ready for last layer of paint, eggshell white....

Best buy on EBay this year, look at the box.
Almost better then the tachometer itself !! :-D

mandag 9. mai 2011

Getting closer........

søndag 8. mai 2011

Ready to cut, drill and paint.

lørdag 7. mai 2011

Here is how to make a mudguard that fits like a glove.

First ten layers of cotton stretch sheets over the wheel to get around 7-8mm clearance between the tire and mudguard.

 Then one layer of gladpack........ and all the stuff you need to cast the mudguard.
300gr, 160gr and surface mat. Epoxy resin, do not use polyester it will melt the gladpack.

 3-4 layers of 300gr mat, 2 layers of 160 gr and one layer of surface mat. It will give you a nice matt finnish to prime.

onsdag 4. mai 2011

Pipes ready for paint, but i`m not shure what to do about the rear mudguard and chainguard...........